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Quilting?  It's my time!

I'm in my mid 50's and learned to sew on my Mother's Singer Featherweight (which she gave me all tuned up last year, thanks MOM!).  I just never had enough money to buy the clothes I wanted, so I made many myself.  I tried making my own jeans a few times; decided that jeans were best purchased from a local department store, very humbling.

Sewing clothing for myself and my kids seems to have been a common bond with lots of other women my age.  We honed our skills and made frequent trips to the fabric store for fabric, notions and patterns.  Some of those patterns are now collectors items (the waist sizes never really worked for me).

The quilting bug bit me in my early 20's, and my husband seems to have propegated the whole thing.  How you might ask?  Have you ever heard of PMS?  I had a few episodes that caused my poor family to hide in the closets.  My husband took to solving this problem by giving me the checkbook and saying "honey, I think you should go to the quilt shop, and don't come home until you feel better"!

I had my first "sewing room" in my early 30's and while it was a smaller bedroom, I loved it, and I crammed it full of color and fabric until I needed a bigger bedroom.  One of my son's gave up his larger bedroom so I could "expand", thanks son!

I got my first longarm machine in the late 90's, or as one of my longarm friends informed me "that's a midarm, not a longarm".  I could never get the tension right, and there was no such thing as "Bliss".

Now I have a studio, a big APQS Millennium with all the bells and whistles, and a 16 foot design wall.  YEA ME!

I am a quilter, and it's my time!